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Borne from the recognition that detailers and enthusiasts deserve only the best, Xpert-60 is the creation of Concept Chemicals & Coatings – a British company that specialises in the manufacture of automotive and transport cleaning and conditioning chemicals for the professional user throughout the world.

Xpert-60 products are carefully chosen from Concept’s Professional Program of Chemical Solutions. They are all already in use by the professional/trade markets – whether by new and used vehicle dealerships, import centres, crash repair centres, transport/haulage and OEM Tier 2 supplier.


Plumbo is one of the most known brands in Norway. Everybody knows Plumbo and what the brand represents. It has been in the market for a long time – the first Plumbo recipe was made in 1909.Plumbo Heavy Gel – Your Personal Plumber – is the test winner that unclogs your drain without any problem. It is an extra effective gel unblocker! After 100 years Plumbo is still the market leader among several drain openers in the market. Plumbo – Supreme quality since 1909!