super nano resin

Super-Nano Resin Polish 500ml

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  • Highly Versatile: Specially formulated for polishing paintwork on New and Used                                  cars,coaches,motorbikes,trucks,aircraft,boats.,caravans etc.
  • High Performance: Easy action,removes minor scratches/scuff-marks, to deliver  a superlative deep gloss finish on all point types including metallic and water based.
  • Nano Protection.”Lotus Leaf”.Super-slip protection helps prevent dirt build-up making subsequent cleaning easy and quicker.
  • Low-chalk: Avoid dust on dark colours.
  • Bodyshop Approved: Contains no volatile silicons.
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Product Usage

Do not apply in direct sunlight. Shake well before use. Apply a thin even layer to clean cool surfaces with a polishing sponge or soft polishing cloth. Allow polish film to haze dry,prior to buffing to full gloss shine with a dry micro-fibre polishing cloth.